Last Modified: 6-15-2015

Have questions not covered here? Send them to and we will give as much help as we can in answering them!

General Questions

Where can I find you guys?

Almost everywhere! Anime Network is available as a Video on Demand Service on most major Cable and Satellite providers in North America and an independent Online Streaming Service.

You guys should get X show, its really cool! Why don't you guys have it?

We may not hold the license to distribute certain series on all of our services. Rest assured we are always trying to acquire new stuff for all you anime fans out there so we welcome all your suggestions! Send them to

I run a local Anime Club or Convention. We'd like to get permission to screen your shows at our upcoming event. Who do I need to talk to?

Anime Network does not give permission for screening opportunities. For this, you will need to contact the title's domestic licensor (ex. Sentai Filmworks, Maiden Japan) to get permission. These companies will have their own policies for granting screening permission.

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Anime Network onDEMAND - Our Cable/Satellite Video on Demand Service

I'm not sure if my provider offers Anime Network's VOD service.

To see the list of providers who carry Anime Network onDEMAND, just click WHAT'S ON and see if your provider is listed. You can view your provider's schedule to see what series and movies are currently available.

What if my cable/satellite provider doesn't carry Anime Network onDEMAND?

You can watch thousands of episodes right here on Anime Network Online, our independent online streaming service. We also highly recommend that you call up your provider and let them know that you want Anime Network onDEMAND!

X episode/movie didn't show up on my VOD service this week.

If for some reason a scheduled episode failed to show up on your On Demand service, please report it to us. You can either send us an email at or you can report it in the Anime Network VOD Forum Thread.
Please include the following information:
* your Cable/Satellite Provider
* your Zip Code
We also encourage you to contact your service provider to let them know, too.
After you report the missing content, please keep us informed as to if/when the content becomes available.

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Anime Network Online - Our Online Streaming service

What is Anime Network Online? Is it the same as Anime Network onDEMAND?

Anime Network Online (ANO) is our independent online streaming service. With ANO, you can watch thousands of episodes on your computer, tablet or mobile device. ANO is a separate service from Anime Network onDEMAND, our cable/satellite VOD service. Since ANO doesn't have to roll content out in monthly packages, it offers a larger selection of series and movies to watch at your leisure! We offer select episodes and series for free with commercial ad support. Want to unlock everything? Upgrade to a Premium Subscription to get unlimited, commercial-free access to our entire streaming catalog, including English Dubs!

I'm trying to register/subscribe, but am getting errors. What do I do?

Send us an email at and one of our super sweet staffers will sort you out. Be sure to include the username and email address you were trying to register with.

I'm trying to sign up, but am getting this error "The field User name is invalid."

First check to make sure that your username meets the character requirements and is a minimum of 8 characters. Please note that our system does not support special characters, including Kanji, Arabic or Cyrillic letters. Additionally, we use a profanity blocker to try to catch extremely offensive words from being used in usernames. If you are still having issues, send us an email at and a customer service representative will assist you.

I'm having problems with video loading &/or playback. What should I do?

Please let us know as soon as possible. You can email us at or report it in the Anime Network Online Help Forum Thread. For fast troubleshooting, please provide a clear description of your issue and include the following:
* How are you watching (Desktop, mobile, tablet)
* Are you watching via the ad-supported Hulu player or our native player?
* Which video(s) are you experiencing issues with? (Sub or Dub version, SD or HD version)
Our moderators and customer service staff will be happy to help troubleshoot your issue.

I'm getting a "Denied by Region" message.

Most likely, the series or movie is not available to be played in your country/region. If your internet connection is using a proxy server or VPN, it might be causing out GeoIP service to mistake your region.
If you think the message is in error or it is indicating a different country that the one you are in, please contact us for assistance. Send us an email at with your username, actual IP address, your state/province and country.

Subscription Questions

I'm interested in a Premium Subscription, but would like a test run. Do you offer a free trial?

We sure do! First time subscribers get a 2-Week Free Trial of our Premium Subscription. Like what you see? Your free trial will automatically convert to a normal subscription at the end of the two weeks- no need to do anything else. If you cancel before your trial period has ended, you can still enjoy premium access for the remaining free trial time.

What payment methods are accepted for subscriptions?

When subscribing via our website, your transaction is securely managed by PayPal. When you subscribe, you can sign into an existing account or create a new one. Through PayPal, you can set up a variety of payment methods and easily manage your transactions.

For more information on the types of payment methods that can be linked to a PayPal account, visit their website.

If you purchase a subscription via our Apple iPhone/iPad app, your subscription will be processed via your iTunes Account. For more information, please check out Manage your auto-renewing subscriptions.

My relative/friend/significant other/etc. loves Anime Network. I want to buy them a Premium Subscription, but don't want to give them my credit card number.

No problem! We offer gift subscriptions. You can buy your person a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription. Gift Subscriptions can be purchased here. You will need to sign in or create a registered account in order to give a gift subscription.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you subscribed via PayPal on our website, sign into your account. You can manage your subscription in your My Account settings, under Your Subscription.

If you subscribed via your iTunes Account in our Apple iPhone/iPad App, please follow the instructions here: Manage your auto-renewing subscriptions.

NOTE: Anime Network staffers cannot manage your cable/satellite VOD subscription - for that, you must contact your VOD provider.

If you need assistance, please contact our customer service staff at

I forgot to cancel my trial or subscription before it renewed. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. Since our subscriptions are for a paid time period, we do not charge based on service usage. All subscriptions are recurring unless cancelled prior to renewal. After canceling, you will have continued access to the service until the end of your current subscription period.

I still have some questions about my subscription. Who can I ask?

If you have any other questions regarding a Premium Subscription, please email us at

Roku Channel Questions

For questions and information about our new Roku Channel, visit the Roku FAQ page.

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Anime Network Online Community & Forums

So, how do I get involved in the community and forums here?

First off, sign up for an ANO account. Registration is free, no subscription required. Next, head over to the forums and read the Forum Rules/FAQ Thread. Then hit the Intros Category and introduce yourself. If you ever have any questions or problems, contact a Moderator or Admin.

Where can I find the community and forum rules?

Please read our Forum FAQ. The guidelines and rules outlined here extend to our whole online community.
Please exercise good judgment and civility in all of your interactions within our community. If you are ever in need of assistance or advice, please contact one of our Moderators or Admins.

Note: Moderators have absolute power. They will only use their powers if they deem it necessary. If any moderator feels you have crossed a line or broken a rule, you will be warned. Further offenses may result in a ban. Mods reserve the right to ban without warning, depending on the severity of the offense.

Is my account information private?

Please read our Privacy Policy carefully to understand the information we gather and how it is used.
Beyond this, we urge each of our users to consider the information they share and post on our site. Within our community and forums, as in any social interaction, exercise good judgment and discretion when disclosing information in posts, comments and messages.
For more information on Social Network Safety, please visit

What do I do if someone is harassing or bullying me in the community?

We want our online community and forums to be a safe and comfortable place for all of our users to socialize in. As such, we take the issue of online harassment and cyber bullying very seriously. If you receive an inappropriate or harassing message, flag it and contact a Moderator or Admin immediately.

This also goes for if you see someone else being harassed. We are all members of this community and have a stake in keeping it a safe and pleasant environment to socialize in.

For more information, please check out the Forum FAQ.

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